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VPN with a question mark.
4 mins

The internet is safer now—but a VPN is still essential protection

The internet is a far more encrypted place than it was 10 years ago, but privacy and security experts still recommend a VPN for most users.
7 mins

Daniel Gericke and ExpressVPN – Official Response

ExpressVPN's statement on Daniel Gericke and our commitment to internet freedom
Logos of ExpressVPN and Kape Technologies
1 min

ExpressVPN to join Kape to strengthen push for privacy

Since 2009, ExpressVPN has been leading the way in digital privacy and security. But we’ve always known that our...
Router connected to multiple devices as groups.
2 mins

New: Connect to multiple VPN locations on our router app

Love having ExpressVPN on your router, but don't want to connect every device to the same server location? Device Groups are here.
Servers with shield and thumbs-up symbols
3 mins

Lightway: Open-sourced and audited for proven security

Anyone can see for themselves what’s gone into Lightway’s core code, as well as read an independent audit of Lightway’s security.
ExpressVPN partners with HMD Global.
2 mins

Nokia phones choose ExpressVPN and Spotify as must-have apps

These two apps, as well as Amazon and Netflix, will be preloaded onto new models of Nokia phones.
Trophy with slighty smiling emoji on it.
1 min

The world needs a VPN Emoji

Sign our petition, and vote for your favorite definition to win 12 months of ExpressVPN!
Laptop on desk with the camera turned on.
7 mins

ExpressVPN survey reveals the extent of surveillance on the remote workforce

An ExpressVPN survey has revealed the extent to which employees are being surveilled by their employers and how it’s impacting job satisfaction and stress levels.
A checklist with a score of 100.
1 min

ExpressVPN’s Apple privacy labels rated 100% for accuracy

ExpressVPN is the only major VPN app with 100% accurate privacy labels in the App Store, according to an independent study by Top10VPN.
ExpressVPN new logo with red background.
1 min

Our new logo, coming to your ExpressVPN app

ExpressVPN is getting a new look soon—and that includes a new logo. You will probably first notice the change in your app icons.

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